God is the people

God loves and holds sacred the people, their country, and everything in it.

God loves and holds sacred the land and sky around the people.

God loves and holds sacred their beloved constructions.

God loves and holds sacred everything the people cherish.

But, above all, God loves and holds sacred anything for which people will sacrifice their life.

To understand how God can be the people, we must first understand homozygous peoples.  Homozygous people look alike.  The mother looks like the father, looks like the child, looks like the grandfather.  Today, some Asian people are homozygous.

The parents of these students look identical to these students.

The ancient Greeks were another homozygous people.

To explain how God can be the people, we will use the ancient Greeks and Identical Twins research.

To begin, Greek gods looked like people (anthropomorphic). 


If you went anywhere in Greece, the statues of the Gods all looked alike.  That is because the Greeks all looked alike (homozygous).  If you asked a Greek citizen what God looked like, he could say, "God looks like me".  In fact, if you wanted to know what a handsome man or beautiful woman looked like in ancient Greece, just look at their statues of Gods.  The sculptor used only the best models for their Gods. Therefore, to the Greeks

God was the people idealized

If we look closely at pictures of Zeus and Menelaus below, we see that they are different from their forehead down to their upper lip.


                              Zeus                                   King Menelaus

That is no accident.  The Greeks believed that a prominent forehead was a sign of intelligence and nobility.  So, they made the facial angle of Zeus 1000 and Menelaus 900.

The actual facial angle of the average Greek was 800.  The Greeks idealized both Zeus and their king.

Interestingly, 2000 years later, we now know the Greeks were right.  Science indicates that the frontal lobe of the brain is the place where forethought is processed in human intelligence.

It is the place where the thing that makes you You is located.

So, fasten your seat belts and don't smash your forehead on the windshield because you won't be You anymore.

Therefore, we can say that God is the people.  And, He holds sacred the people's churches, priests, altars, prayers, services, shrines, symbols, land and sky, their mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, forests, moon and sun, their government, bridges, buildings, monuments, memorials, courts, and leaders.  And, that is just a few of the things that God hold's sacred, or holy.

God is everywhere

God knows everything

God is all powerful

  • omnipresent

  • omniscient

  • omnipotent

These 3 attributes of God operated in Greek society, somewhat like this:


If God is the people, and the people looked like their Gods, then the Greeks had a powerful feeling of God's presence every day.  To them God was everywhere.  They even believed that a stranger could be God because the Greeks believed that Gods sometimes walked among them.


Identical Twins research indicates that 80% of human behavior is genetic.  For that reason, Identical Twins not only look very much alike, but they also behave very much alike.  They also appear to know what each other is thinking or doing, even though they are miles apart.  The ability of Synchronous Twins to anticipate each other is astounding.  In fact, some research suggests that Identical Twins have telepathic abilities.  If that were true, then we can easily explain God's omniscience in a homozygous society.

Thus, in homozygous society, the community (God) is aware of the individual, and the individual is aware of the community.  Even one threatened Spartan in a far off land could cause the Greeks to go to war to protect him.  At least, that's what the Helen of Troy story tells us.  Helen was not a Trojan, she was a Spartan whom a Trojan prince kidnapped.  Her husband, King Menelaus, went to war. And, all of Greece went with him. 

Perhaps, the Joan of Arc story is actually about a 17 year old, illiterate, peasant girl who could feel the collective soul of her homozygous fellow countrymen.  How else can science explain her amazing and very well documented history?

Notably, on March 12, 1431, during her Trial Of Condemnation, Joan of Arc said these remarkable words in response to a line of questioning from her judges about her voices and angels, "They often come unseen among Christian people.  Often, I have seen them among Christian people."

If telepathic ability exists in homozygous societies, can you imagine the feeling of God's presence, the feeling of community, the feeling of brotherhood, the feeling of God's power, and the sharing of information that a monozygous (clone) people will experience in the future?  And, don't even think about laying a hand on one of them.

To express the idea another way, think of a closely knit family in primeval times.  Think how the family feels about the individual.  Think how the individual feels about the family.  Would the family fight to the death for the individual?  Would the individual lay down his life for the family?  Thus, the members of the family are very much aware of each other.  They are omniscient.  They have a tremendous feeling for each other, a feeling that perhaps can be telepathic.

To use another example, think about early Native American tribes.  Think how the tribe felt about the individual.  Think how the individual felt about the tribe.  They were extremely aware of each other.

Or, finally, think about Killer Bees (Apis mellifera scutellata).  Think about the hive's response to one of its members being attacked.


The Greeks did not believe their Gods were all powerful.  Possibly, the Greeks were realists.  They realized that God (the community) can't do everything for us.  They realized that sometimes when people pray to God, they still get sick or die.  So, the Greeks created the Fates to explain this weirdness of life.  They believed that Fate transformed rich men into paupers and healthy men into invalids, or vice versa.  Perhaps, the Greeks are the ones who said, "God helps those who help themselves".

Therefore, the Greeks believed that God was very powerful and could help them, but sometimes Fate intervened and God was powerless to change what was predestined to happen to them.  They could not change their fate.

Interestingly, the Germans had a similar God named, Wyrd.  And, when life didn't go the way they hoped or expected, the Germans would say, that's Wyrd.

Nevertheless, the homozygous Greeks helped each other immensely, very much like the Amish or Hutterites do today.

We offend God

    We are sinful

        We are evil

            We are bad

                We are disrespectful

                    We are irreverent

                        We are immoral when we

The following are sacred to the people and therefore sacred to God. Anyone who desecrates, dishonors, or is irreverent to them offends God.

  • Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges

  • Hoover Dam and Holland Tunnel

  • Empire State building and Old Sequoia

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike and Erie Canal

  • mighty Mississippi and the Great Lakes

  • Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon

  • Liberty Bell and American Flag

  • Independence Hall and Capitol Hill

  • Mount Rushmore and Lincoln Memorial

  • The memory and image of George Washington, Governor Al Smith, Sheriff Wyatt Earp, Stephan Foster, Gutzon Borglum, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Lindbergh, and....

Today, the ancient Greeks are gone, and technology unites people from all over the world, each with their own religion.  If God is the people, but the people are diverse, how do we know which God to worship?  Or,

Can God exist in a diverse, multicultural society?

Yes, God exists in any society that has heroes.

Evolution has discovered that a species can survive better if its members subordinate themselves to the species.  For that reason, individuals within the species are genetically programmed to sacrifice their life for their family, for their neighbor, for their country.   These individuals are called Heroes.  To understand the strength of heroism, think of the honey bee's instinct to sacrifice its life for the hive.  Humans have that same instinct. Therefore, if God is the people, then

Heroes can and will worship their country as a God.

Heroes do not separate church and state.  God and country are one.

Every country that has Heroes has God.

Without Heroes, God does not exist.

No Heroes, no God

Without Heroes, no country exists


Heroes sacrifice themselves for the good of us all.

Heroes are very much aware of their community and the people in it.

And, the community is very much aware of them.

No Heroes, no country

Without Heroes, no family exists.

Parents must sacrifice themselves for their children.

And, heroic children will sacrifice themselves for their parents.

No Heroes, no family

Ask yourself this question, If your children were trapped in the upstairs room of a burning house, would you risk your own life to save them?

Would you protect your mother and father from danger?

To sum it all up, the collective consciousness and will of a heroic people is our God, is our country, and is the heart and soul of the family.  This consciousness, this self-awareness, is, to an extent, All Knowing, Omnipresent, and All Powerful.  It is the only intelligent entity in the universe that watches over us, can help us, and influence our life.


Therefore, we can worship, pray to, and be loyal to this concept of God, family, and country.


And, God, the nation, the community, the people, the family will do everything in its power to watch over us, help us, and protect us.


Remember, Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships was not a Trojan.  Helen was a Spartan, the wife of King Menelaus.  And, the Greeks were her people come to rescue her.

Now, if all this is true, if God is the people, the community, the species, then we can understand our need for God and for piety.  Piety is our innate, our instinctive, our inborn, our genetic predisposition to completely subordinate ourselves to the community, to our country, to our family, to our God.

God is an abstraction of the people.

God and piety are not mankind's delusion.

God and piety are mankind's strategy for survival.

The Social Reformation

Joan of Arc

Greek and Roman Gods

Greek Name

Roman/Latin Name Description
Zeus Jupiter, Jove King of the Gods, Lord of the Sky, Thunder, and Rain
Hera Juno Protector of Marriage
Poseidon Neptune Ruler of the Sea
Hades, Polydectes Pluto God of the Underworld and Precious Metals
  Libitina Goddess of the Underworld
Pallas Athena Minerva Goddess of the City, Education/Science, and War
Phoebus Apollo Apollo God of Sun, Truth, Music, Healing
Artemis, Orthia, Phoebe Diana Goddess of Wild Things, Hunter-in-Chief
Aphrodite, Anadyomene Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty
Hermes, Pyschopompus Mercury God of Commerce and Market, Zeus' Messenger
Ares Mars God of War
Enyo Bellona Lesser Goddess of War
Hephaestus Vulcan, Mulciber God of the Forge and Fire, Workman to the immortals
Hestia Vesta Goddess of the Hearth and Home; also Fertility(Greek only)
  Priapus God of Fertility
Eros Cupid, Amor God of Love
Hymen   God of the Wedding Feast
Hebe   Goddess of Youth
  Juventus God of Youth
Iris   Goddess of the Rainbow
Persephone, Kora Persipina, Libera Goddess of Spring [Season], Underworld through Hades
Demeter Ceres Goddess of the Corn, Earth, Harvest
Dionysus, Lycaeus Bacchus, Liber God of the Vine, Wine, Merriment
Pan Inuus,Faunus God of Flocks, Sheep
Selene Luna Goddess of the Moon
Helios Sol God of the Sun
  Terminus Guardian of Boundaries
  Priapus Cause of Fertility
  Pales Strengthener of Cattle
  Sylvanus Helper of Plowmen and Woodcutters
  Saturn Protector of the Sowers and the Seed
  Janus God of good beginnings
Eileithyia, Ilithyia Lucina Goddess of Childbirth
  Pomona & Vertumnus Powers Protecting Orchards and Gardens
Aether   God of Light
Eos Aurora, Mater Matuta Goddess of the Dawn
Asklepios Aesculapius God of Health and Medicine
Hygea   Goddess of Health
Aeolus   King of the Winds
Boreas Aquilo North Wind
Zephyr Favonius West Wind
Notus Auster South Wind
Eurus Eurus East Wind
Pontus   God of the Deep Sea
Nereus   "Old Man of the Sea"
Triton   Trumpeter of the Sea
Ate   Goddess of Mischief
Eris Discordia Goddess of Discord
Maia Fauna, Bono Dea Goddess of Fields, "Good Goddess"
  Flora Goddess of Flowers
Hypnos Somnus God of Sleep
  Juturna Goddess of Springs [Water]
Nike Victoria Goddess of Victory
Peitha Suadela Goddess of Persuasion
Hecate Trivia Goddess of the Crossways, Dark Side of the Moon, and Magic
Tyche Fortuna Goddess of Fortune
  Voluptas Goddess of Pleasure
Poena   Goddess of Punishment
Nemesis   Goddess of Revenge
Hespera   Goddess of Dusk
Morpheus   God of Dreams
Phosphor Lucifer Light-bearer, Star that brings in the day
Fama   God of fame, rumor
Moira Fatae/ Parcae Fates


The Fates were three goddesses who spun the thread of human life.

Every person received one thread at the beginning of life.

Each goddess took her turn in preparing this thread.

  • Clotho selected the thread

  • Lachesis measured the thread

  • Atropos cut the thread to the length of the person's life

The Greeks believed that we are predestined.  Fate determines the kind of life we have.  We win Lotto because that is our fate, that is the kind of thread that Clotho selected for us.  People who are fatalists are not surprised by life's sudden twists and turns.  They accept them as their destiny, their fate.

Perhaps, the Greeks said, "Pray like everything depended upon God. Work like everything depended upon you."



God bless you and keep you

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends.

May you have warm words on a cold morning,

A full moon on a dark night

And a road downhill to your door.

May your neighbors respect you,

Trouble neglect you,

Angels protect you,

And heaven accept you.

May you dance as if no one were watching,

Sing as if no one were listening

And live each day as if it were your last.


If God is the people and everything they cherish, then we can answer 3 ancient questions:

What is good?

What is truth?

What is beauty?

Good, truth, and beauty are everything the people cherish.


if the people will die for those things, then those things represent

absolute good

absolute truth

absolute beauty

God is the hero's idealization and anthropomorphic abstraction of his people's physical and cultural traits


God is an idealized human with a scientific world view

Final important Comment:

Heroic societies must be composed of Heroes.

Heroes are genetic Givers. They contribute freely to the commonwealth.

Unfortunately, in today's chaotic world, Heroes are being exploited by The Takers

The undetected Takers misdirect the unwitting Heroes piety to cults which The Takers control.

With scientific development, Heroes will detect The Takers and remove them.

These New Scientific Heroic Societies will destroy cults with one sentence,

"Prove it, or be prosecuted for fraud."

When society is composed of The Givers, people can worship God, family, and country.

In this Society Of Givers, people will trust their government, their businesses, their neighbors.


The Holy Bible

The Five Commandments