The New Polka March Symphony And Opera

We have reached a point in time where science can tell us what vitamins and minerals will keep our body healthy.  And, musicians can tell us what sounds will make our soul happy.  Wagner once said, " Beethoven has covered everything.  There is nothing more to do".

In other words, the data has been compiled and is in the computer.  Increasingly, science knows which buttons to push and how to inspire and make people happy.

Today, musicians can push the right buttons and make people happy if they realize that
  1. God, family, and country are fundamental human sentiments.  They make people happy, idealistic, and altruistic.  Sex, drugs, and violence make people cynical and unhappy
  2. Binary Beat is the fundamental rhythm of the universe and modern civilization.  It makes people orderly and healthy.
Importantly, these fundamental ideas can inspire people to a virtual perception of absolute beauty, good, and truth.

Specifically, composers can push the right buttons if they
  1. write lyrics that honor God, family, and country.  And, denigrate hateful things, such as, promiscuous sex, mind altering drugs, and psychopathic violence.
  2. compose melodic lines that appeal to a sense of good, truth, and beauty.  They can test their melody by asking themselves, "Would God think the sequence of notes is good, true and beautiful?  Would our country?  Would our family?  Do the sequence of notes follow a harmonic pattern that is inherent in an octave, unless, of course, they are meant to depict something ominous, hideous or depraved.
  3. use the principles developed by the master composers to arrange the composition around the binary beat and the lyrics of God, family and country.
  4. include not only traditional orchestra instruments but also new instruments created from the sounds of the world.  
  5. combine sounds with a visual presentation.  In short, a Symphony Video.  This does not mean a video with the camera panning the orchestra.  Rather, a visual presentation of what the composer is dreaming.
  6. realize that a composer is limited to the things that make people happy, idealistic, and altruistic.  Just as a nutritionist is limited to the vitamins and minerals that make people healthy.  They can not give the people "back beat" vitamins, flatted fifth minerals, or discordant trace elements.  God just wouldn't approve.  The people will get sick, cynical, and antisocial, which is precisely what is happening today.
So called Classical music is dying because
  1. It lacks inspiration. Repeatedly, classical presentations feature 18th and 19th Century composers, such as, Beethoven, Mozart, Hayden, etc.  Many of the so called “modern” composers of classical music, such as, Stravinsky, Mahler, and Gershwin are schizophrenics, like Picasso.  They annoy the regular customers and attract the emotionally and mentally impaired who throng to the side shows of life.  Even worse for the future of the symphony is the fact that, in order to avoid extinction, many orchestras have taken a PT Barnum approach and incorporate various bizarre and unlikely acts into their performances, such as, Pop's Concerts, Jazz Concerts, Ethnic Concerts.  At these concerts, the full symphony usually sits behind the featured performers - lending the prestige of the symphony to the overjoyed interloper - and, with polite smiles on their faces, watch the deformed miscreants shout their incongruous notes and pound their backbeat rhythms.  Of course, everyone knows that the desperate orchestra will lose not only their regular customers, who are annoyed, but also their intended new customers.  You see, the intended new customers can find those same acts performed by better bands at cheaper prices.  Think about it!  Can you imagine a Jazzman going to a symphony to hear Jazz??  I don't think sooo.  In the history of the symphony, only one outsider has ever been permitted to perform in a symphony.  That outsider was the Strauss family in Vienna.  The reason for that exception is simple, Strauss music was and is appropriate music for the symphony.  It fits the genre, as intended by the masters and creators of the symphony..
  2. Our major institutions - homes, schools, churches, community, government, media, businesses - do not support, promote, or appreciate classical music.  They do not perform or listen to it in their daily lives.  When we consider the importance of music to us - the time we spend listening to music, the money we spend on CDs, entertainment, commercials, and so on, we can see that classical music is not a part of our lives.  Unfortunately, in democratic, commercial societies, the people must support the art or it will die. Although many corporations donate to the performing arts, their donations are really a tax write off.  Classical music is not part of their life.  You hear this when their operator puts you "on hold" and grocery store Jazz "kicks in".
We can revive Classical music by realizing that
  1. Only classical music has the ability to present ideas and sentiment with power, dignity, and majesty.
  2. Only classical music has the ability to uplift people to a state of grandeur and self worth.
  3. The Binary Beat of Polka March music will be our new inspiration. It is both simple and elegant.  And, when accompanied by beautiful melodies, inspiring lyrics, breathtaking arrangements, the Binary Beat will touch the heart and soul of everyone.
  4. God, family, and country will be the new themes for classical music.
  5. People around the world will intuitively understand and appreciate The New Polka March symphony and Opera because the Binary Beat is fundamental to the universe and modern civilization.  Also, God, family, and country are inspiring themes for heroic men and women everywhere.
  6. The patrons of Beethoven and Mozart were the church, aristocrats, and rich merchants.  The patrons of today's composers in a democratic society are the people.  Therefore, we must develop an Outreach Program to entertain or inspire the people in their places of leisure.  For example,
The little Polka band will continue to spread the message of God, family, and country in a different way.