Dear Composer,

We have developed a theory for a new style of music.  It will take you less than 5 minutes to read.  Thank you for your time.

The New Style Of Music

Composers for The New Style Of Music must know, feel, and act upon the facts that

1 A Powerful Political Force

The New Style Of Music with its songs of God, family, and country will become the most powerful social force on earth because it will awaken and inspire heroes who are the most powerful force in society.  Heroes are predisposed to work, sacrifice, or even, fight and die to protect society.
Also, The New Style Of Music will become a powerful force in society because its Binary Beat is the fundamental rhythm of the universe.  Without Binary the universe and modern civilization will collapse.  It dominants our mind and body.  It is the beat of our heart, the discharge of our nervous system, the contraction of our muscles, the peristalsis of our digestive system, the respiration of our pulmonary system. It is the answer to decisions that change our lives, Yes or No.  It is the beat of all social, economic, and ecological systems.  To understand this revolutionary idea we need to know that

The New Style Of Music is simply, one... two.  Or, more precisely, it is 0...1.   Mathematicians would call it a binary beat.   You see, when humans walk, march or run, the leg becomes a pendulum.  It moves forward and back to its starting point, or 1, 0.  And, when humans walk, march, or run at a fixed pace they use the Binary Beat.  In other words, two actions of equal duration.   Now, the binary rhythm is all around us and exists abundantly in nature.  It is the thermonuclear pulse of a star.  It is the ripple of a wave.  It is the beat of your heart. It is the electrical discharge of our brain. It is the earth's progression and recession as it travels around the sun.  It is the down
and up bounce of a ball.

The difference between nature and civilization is that gravity, or inertia, diminishes the
action until the ball stops.  In civilization, humans fix the beat.  If people thought a bouncing rubber ball was useful, they could make it bounce up and down indefinitely.  Modern civilizations use the Binary Beat to sequence, align, transmit and create power.

One of the first people in recorded history to use the Binary Beat were the Greeks. They
used it as a timing device to align their new tactical weapon, the phalanx.  The Greeks called their new invention the March.  In fact, the March is Polka's big brother.

Then, as civilization advanced, people used the Binary Beat to create clocks, radio,
television, computers, internal combustion engines, and pulse jets.  These inventions are the muscle, heart, and brain of modern civilization.

Once again, all of these inventions were created by human intelligence using two pulses for a fixed duration, or the Binary Beat.  Remove human intelligence or any one of these inventions, and modern civilization will collapse. 

To explain the binary nature of these inventions let's examine radio waves.
Every radio station has an electronic device called an oscillator.  This device creates an electrical current that races up and down a long wire inside a radio tower.  Now, accordion to Michael Faraday, if an electrical current moves inside a wire, the wire becomes magnetic.  James Maxwell theorized that if we move the current back and forth inside the wire fast enough, we can broadcast this magnetic force over great distances.  Heinrich Hertz proved Maxwell's theory.  Marconi broadcast the human voice across the Atlantic ocean.

    Therefore, we can say that

Together, these 3 concepts form the most powerful political force on earth.

 Leonidas and 300 Spartans

"Go tell the Spartans, you who pass us by,

That we, obedient to their laws, here lie."

To see what those 300 heroes might have looked like, click



To hear the Binary Beat, click



And, finally, but, importantly, we must realize that The New Style Of Music will appeal to everyone, everywhere because

  1. The binary beat is fundamental to the universe, to civilization, and to the human psyche. Wherever people walk, run, or march, they will understand the beat immediately.

  2. The lyrics are universal.  Heroes will understand and love the words of God, family, and country immediately.

  3. The melody will have immediate universal appeal because it follows the natural harmonic patterns found within an octave.

I will describe some of the Beat  music that exists today so that composers can understand the magnitude of change that The New Style Of Music will have upon society.

Beat music means that the beat dominates the song.


As you know, the March was developed to keep soldiers in step during combat.  The Greeks theorized that an army in step could deliver a powerful blow to the enemy.  And, they were correct.  Essentially, the March has a simple, repetitive 1, 2 beat.  This beat matched the steps that the soldiers were taking. The arrangements, instrumentation, melody, and lyrics merely support and accentuate the beat.
However, the Greeks soon discovered that March music not only kept their armies in line but it brought unity to their homes and communities.

For centuries, Europe and America continued the Greek tradition by playing March music in Central Park on Sunday afternoon and in parades.  These concerts and parades stirred the people to patriotism for their country and pride in their community.  In fact, John Philip Sousa, the King Of March music, was a household name.


The first Polka bands copied the arrangements and instrumentation of Marching bands. In fact, the first Polka bands looked identical to Marching bands. The only difference between a Marching band and the first Polka bands was that Polka bands double timed the beat (duple time).  They "double timed" the beat so that people could skip around the floor.

To hear one of those glorious marching Polka Bands, click HERE    Then, start marching around the house.

Polka bands copied this "skip step" from Marching bands.  You see, Marching bands not only have the famous "1, 2 step", but they also have the equally famous "skip step" which permits people who are "out of step" to get back "in step".  Every soldier is familiar with the "skip step".

Therefore, to musically create the Polka, bands

  1. double timed the 1,2 beat of march tempo.
  2. alternated the beats between the bass drum and the snare drum

In other words, on the first bass drum beat, dancers take a "full step" (left foot).  Then, on the snare drum beat, dancers "skip".  On the second bass drum beat, dancers take a "full step" (right foot). Then, on the snare drum beat, dancers "skip".  Or,

Just skip around the floor to the music, and you're doing the Polka.

The Polish added the rim shot to the snare drum which created an even sharper, more accentuated sound.

Frankie Yankovic added a rhythm banjo to create a metallic up tempo sound, double accordions to weave beautiful harmonies around the melody, and, most importantly, an amplified organ to create a majestic, cathedral tone.  This majestic, new sound appeared in his beautiful Blue Skirt Waltz which became very popular.
The Polish added amplified bass guitar and drums to give the beat power, double trumpets to weave penetrating brass harmonies, bellow shaking accordion to create up tempo, and intricate drum and cymbal patterns also to create up tempo.  The Polish also worked out a single and triple beat
pattern on the bass drum, along with rim shots on the snare, to create the unique and peppy Polish hop step.
To speculate why the Polka evolved from March music, especially in America, we could say that Europeans loved the March and wanted to dance to it.  Later, they changed the arrangements from large March style brass bands to smaller 5 piece dance bands which included the newly invented accordion.  Yankovic adored the Polka and wanted to make it heavenly.  And, the Polish, especially in Chicago, added power to Polka music to compete with Jazz/ Rock which was pulling their children away from Polish culture.  In fact, during the 1970's Polish style Polkas were so powerful that thousands attended Polish Polka festivals.  Even today, Polish style Polkas have a very upbeat, contemporary American sound.


2 The New Style Of Music

Having reviewed the development of several types of beat music that impact our society, I will present my theory for a new style of music that appeals to heroes.  Presently, Polka music is the music of European ethnic groups.  Even the Polka Mass is ethnic.

However, as society changes and ethnic groups melt into the fabric of America, the time has come for a dramatic change in the Polka idiom.  Except for the powerful Binary Beat, composers for The New Style Of Music will experiment with new instrumentation, new arrangements, new melodies, and new lyrics, just as Tchaikovsky in his 1812 Overture used the roar of cannons and the chime of bells to create one of symphonic music's most inspiring moments.  In their songs, composers for The New Style Of Music will focus on the heroes of our society.   The New Style Of Music will become Hero Music.  It will inspire heroes to worship God, love their families, and be loyal to their country.

With this in mind, composers for The New Style Of Music will develop

Perhaps, The New Style Of Music would appear as a band composed of large muscled, barrel chested musicians dressed like Police Officers called The Thin Blue Line PolkaMarch Band.  Their Top Ten tune is I'll Protect You. And, their motto is, "Your Last Defense Against Chaos."
Or, as aggressive, patriotic officers from the various branches of the military playing their hit song, A Place Called Home.  Suddenly, they stop in the middle of the song, face the American flag, play a trumpet solo cut from the National Anthem, and read an excerpt from the Gettysburg Address.  The band's name is The Armed Force PolkaMarch Band.

Or, as The Truth PolkaMarch Band holding up a Bible as they sing their hit song, The Place Where I Worship.

Or, as the Family Values PolkaMarch Band singing their hit song, Mom And Dad, while their 16 year old son lifts a 300# weight that depicts God, family, and country and smashes it into an effigy of Sex, Drugs, and Violence.

Or, as the Righteous Boys PolkaMarch Band, switching into straight March tempo as the dancers form columns and march around the floor, stamping their feet heavily, like the old circle two step, and saluting the national flag, the state flag, a church flag, a family flag and a Polka flag, which stand on the stage by the band.

Or, as the Until Death Do We Part PolkaMarch Band, playing a medley of Waltzes about eternal love while a beautiful bride and groom, a little flower girl and boy at their side, dance and purely and lovingly embrace on stage.

As you can see, we're talking power, real power.  And, for heroes, those songs and symbols are overwhelming.  Heroes will work, sacrifice and, if need be, they will die for those ideals.


Therefore, to bring heroes together and teach them the joy and strength of

The New Style Of Music will sponsor

  1. Dances

  2. Parades

  3. Concerts in the park

Also, we will sponsor an Outreach to 

  1. Religious campuses

  2. Military academies

  3. State, national, and local political, patriotic, and religious celebrations.

  4. We will create local, state, and national organizations that promote and celebrate the family.

The symbolic and psychological impact from these activities will be profound.


The New Style Of Music will appear at Sunday concerts in the Park and parades of marching people; Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July celebrations; Sunrise Services on Easter morning or midnight remembrances on New Year's Eve; christenings of ships, dams, buildings, memorials, monuments, and babies; openings of sporting events, theater productions, and galleries; matters of state, business, and community.


We must understand that mankind has four basic drives: Sex, Food, Self-Preservation, and Preservation Of The Species, or Heroism.  For that reason,

The New Style Of Music will follow the traditional melodic line of music:

  1. It will be logical

  2. It will have a congruous sequence of notes

  3. It will appeal to our natural sense of beauty

Explanations Of Logical, Congruous, And Natural


A melody played by a cat walking across a piano is not logical because the cat did not think about the song.  A cat is not capable of thinking.


The notes in the chord, F, A, C, F, are congruous because they follow the natural harmonic pattern in an octave.  They are very pleasing and beautiful. An octave is the progression or sequence of notes that keep recurring in nature.  This natural sequence of notes was discovered by the Greek mathematician, Archimedes.  To hear a song played in a natural octave click HERE.  Notice that the rhythm in this sequence of notes is Binary.  It goes Boom, Boom, Boom.

In this theory of music, we cannot predict which sequence of notes composers will select to write their songs.  But, we can predict which notes they will not choose.  For example, if they are playing in the key of C, we can predict that they will not select B flat, unless they wish to create some bizarre or incongruous emotion. 


The phrase, natural sense of beauty, could become the topic of a Subjective Opinions debate.  But, it is not. Every normal, healthy person who is close to nature can tell the difference between a beautiful girl and one that is not; a beautiful picture and one that is not; a beautiful song and one that is not.  Every normal, healthy human being who lives close to nature has a natural sense of order, symmetry, and beauty that enables them to choose that which is beautiful and that which is not.  That instinct is genetic.

Things that are Natural are disciplined, orderly, symmetrical, intelligent, prudent. They are instinctively pleasing and beautiful.

Those things that are unnatural are chaotic, disorderly, undisciplined, irrational. They are instinctively unappealing and distasteful.


Interestingly, two researchers, Gervasia M. Schreckenberg, a neurobiologist at Georgian Court College, Lakewood, NJ, and Harvey H. Bird, a physicist at the Fairleigh Dickinson University in Rutherford, NJ, devised an experiment to determine how different kinds of music affect the brain.

Their research discovered that some rhythms synchronize our natural biological rhythms and enhance their function. "Everything in life goes in a rhythm," says Schreckenberg, "All biochemical reactions are rhythmic.  If that system is enhanced by a positive rhythmic beat, then it has beneficial effects on the brain."

Technically, it affects the theta rhythm of the hippocampus in the brain which is linked to memory and leads to enhancement of short-term memory. 

Additionally, when we learn something, the neurons all grow in that direction.  Positive rhythms causes neurons to grow which causes learning acuity.

To hear the binary beat that gets those theta juices flowing, fosters orderly neuron growth, and helps the brain to learn efficiently, click


Before proceeding to the conclusion of this page, we should ask ourselves, Who can we trust?

We must understand that typically the men and women who created civilization, such as, Archimedes, Madame Currie, Tim Berners Lee, Edison, Pasteur, Fleming,  Alexander, Aristotle, Spartans, Schweitzer, were intelligent men and women who lived in harmony with nature and the universe.  They loved their neighbors and would sacrifice their life for them.

They were not obnoxious, bedraggled, revolutionaries who tear down governments and uproot society. 

Rather, they were pillars of society. 

They were an inspiration to children and their community. 

If this is true, then, henceforth,

we must examine not only a person's creations and ideas

but also

we must examine their personal life.

We must analyze their natural tendencies.

We must ask ourselves,  Are they clean?  Are they orderly and disciplined?  Do they live in harmony with society and nature? Do they truly love their fellow man and work for the good of us all.

If they do, then, we can trust them.  We can believe that what they create is for the good of us all.

With these facts, we can create Godly music.

Godly music is the music of the universe that surrounds us. We hear it every day.

Godly music is absolutely beautiful, absolutely good, absolutely truthful.

(Truthful means that it is real.  It is reality.  You can trust it.  It is genuine.  It's the way God made it.)

Godly Music

  1. rhythm that is binary

  2. melody that is logical

  3. notes that are sequenced to the natural harmonic pattern of an octave

  4. beauty that is natural

  5. lyrics that express the heroic sentiments of God, family, and country

Think about this:

  • If the universe has an almighty force that compels all matter and energy to follow the laws of chemistry and physics; and

  • if the universe has a brilliant design that suggests that an almighty and intelligent being created it;

  • then God's music must

  1. have the fundamental beat of the universe,

  2. follow the harmonic patterns of the universe,

  3. appeal to a universal sense of good, truth, and beauty, and

  4. sing about the almighty being who created the universe .


  • If God is the people, and the people are the heroic men and women who sacrifice their life for the good of us all (The Givers).

  • If heroes are the most powerful political force on earth,

  • If Binary is the fundamental beat of the universe and all modern civilizations and the most powerful beat on earth,

  • If God, family, and country are the most powerful sentiments known to heroic mankind,

  • If PolkaMarch music has a Binary Beat and sings about God, family, and country,


Then, we can believe that the New Style Of Music is God's music.

And, we can say,

God's With Us.


natural = nature = universal

The wonderful thing about this theory is that Polka and March music already have 3 of the 4 ingredients for Godly music.

Our musicians and composers simply need to add God, family, and country to the lyrics and work to perfect the other 3.

To conclude this page, we offer these words of hope and comfort for those who sit and wait,

We ain't dead yet!

It only takes one

There was a Joan of Arc

The world is entering an era of healthy, nature loving, technically gifted men and women who

Furthermore, if Heroes are genetic, and Binary is the most powerful beat in the universe, and God, family, and country are the strongest sentiments known to man, then we will be able to detect the heroes among us by measuring their reactions to the new style of music.

In other words, when heroes hear these new songs, they will react. And, we can detect ands measure their reaction.  The stronger the reaction, the stronger the heroic tendency.

To read the basis for this theory, click HERE

This new style of music is the way we will proclaim The Social Reformation that will transform society.